Inspection & Testing
Inspection and Testing
NAMCO Testing Facilities are equipped with
  • Fully equipped sample preparation workshop
  • Computerized Tensile Testing machine
  • Digitalized Hardness Tester
  • EN & ASTM Impact Testing Machines
  • Direct Reading Optical Emission Spectrometer with gas analytical channel
  • Online Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  • Drop Weight Tear Test (DWTT) machine

Mechanical testing such as Tensil test, Impact test, Brand test, Hardness test, Chemical analysis, Microstructure examination / Grain size determination are done in accordance with standard Specification as per order.

Namco produces steel plates under proper metallurgical quality control and product inspection at each stage. All plates assigned a unique plate number.

Ulrasonic Testing

As per standard practice, ultrasonic testing of plates is done by Namco on most of the steel plates on random basis. However, 100% ultrasonic testing can be done on request. (Charges to be borne by customer)