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Finishing & Delivery Conditions
  • The surfaces of plates are furnished in the “ As Rolled” condition or “Temperature controlled rolling” condition and are subject to 100% visual inspection. The steel plates are free of injurious defects and have a good working finish to confirm to the requirements of the specifications under which it is produced.
  • Minimum acceptable quantity per size per grade is 50 MT for domestic order and minimum 100 MT for export orders
  • Delivery tolerance is +/-5% in quantity per size and in total quantity or minimum +/- piece
  • Namco plates are furnished with “Mill edge” as rolled (untrimmed edges)
  • Invoicing shall be as per actual weight for domestic orders and as per theoretical weight for export orders as per the basic weight of 7.85kg/dm3.
  • Marking: Unless otherwise specified, Namco plates are stencilled with white paint on top surface of every plate as below
& Grade
Heat No.
/Plate No.
Made in

Stencilling details can be amended per mutual agreement.

• Color coding at top right hand corer of each plate on the width as per related material
grade/specification or as per mutual agreement can be arranged.